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Korea Resource Economics Association, was founded for the purpose of the research and extension economic theory, policy, management and environmental natural resources in June 1987, institutional, and industrial. The Society, has been promoting sustainable publication of journals, held academic presentation domestic and international, and exchanges with relevant academic institutions at home and abroad, a business that matches the purpose of establishment until now. As part of the industry-university cooperation, the Society has held a policy debate on a regular basis.

The conference in the current academic research community only in this area that is the role of the Korea Branch (International Association of Energy Economics, IAEE) of the International Energy Economic Association, expert resources and energy of many of the country to participate have. Currently, registered members of industry academia, and the research community has reached more than 400 people. In response to the Institute of charter July 5 2001 in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Society has registered as an incorporated association to the competent registry office.

The main business of the Society are as follows.
- Spring, and Fall Conference held
- Korea Economic Institute of Environment in collaboration with the journal [Resource Environment Economy Research] issued
- In collaboration with the Korea Energy Economics Institute [Energy Economics Research] issued
- International Conference held
- Policy Forum held
- Achievement Award winning development of energy industry and academic
- Natural resources policy research and business execution energy

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